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Say it by Whispering

Say it by Whispering
written on May 2010 by Fitri Amelia

A secret makes a women women. That’s the
sentence that I ever read in my favourite
manga. For me, secret sometimes make us
feel that the existancy of us is important.
Because secret is mysterious. Secret makes
us smart, creative and logic. If you thought
that secret is something priceless, so do I.

Everyone has secret. Someone will do
everything to make sure his or her secret
safe. Even it’s useless and they will face the
obstacles to safe their secret. Smart thinking
is needed to keep the secret. If everyone
already know about our secret, that’s not
secret anymore. It’s called the public

I have a secret in my life. A very big top
secret. And it can make Musi River stop to
flow forever if I spread out my secret to
anybody else. Oxygen will run away from the
Earth, the sun will be light off, the rain will
fall every day, the electricity will turn off
every night and SMAN Sumsel Sampoerna
Academy will move to the Black Hole. It is
impossible for me to announce my secret.

Atleast not now...

When you have secret, you have two choice.
Will it be forever or finish? Somebody
chooses the second choice, finish the secret.
Yeah, it will be difficult, but it possible.
Some secrets have their own destiny to be
announced to someone.

Just like...

The secret of love

These kind of secrets are the most popular in
the world. Monkey love, first love, true love,
dishonest love, polygamy,and backstreet.
Those secret can control the brain, feeling
and logic. You can not refuse it. The way to
finish it is only one.

Just say the feeling...
Which wanna bombing,
Even it’s wrong..
Well,it could be wrong
But it could be right........

Even if when you did , your eyes shall melt and
your heart will decay and never back again.
Yes it will be hurt, but it’s the only way to
reconcile the violence in your heart and

If you can not express it with the action, just
express it with a gift.
if you can not give it, just express it with the
if you still can not say it with the poem...

take it easy...

Just say it by whispering


Ampun deh.. aku gak percaya kalo aq yg masih kelas 1 SMA nulis ginian. Ckckckck..

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