Jumat, 10 Januari 2014

Song title : Just Moving On, Beib I am Okay

Ini lagu galau, buat org yg gagal move on
Entah napa tiba-tiba ane mutusin buat ngarang ni lagu
Sekedar share, gak usah ditanggepin ciyus

Everyone love a pretty girl
So do you
I am not as pretty as her
I even broke you once
Thank you for hurting me
I hope I can move on easily with it

Are you trying to tell me
you are no longer keep me in mind?
I should actually happy
I was the one who ask you to
But why am I like this?

Reff :
Why is it hurting so much?
The memories with you
are the most painfull memories
I ever had
I should happy when it end
But why am I crying?

It's not your mistake
We absolutely cant be together anyway
you made good decision
Good bye..
I hope we'll be friend like before

Coda :
Dont look at my tears
just see how bright I smile
I am okay

written on August 2013 by Fitri Amelia
still need grammar n spell check
still looking for someone to cover
Comments are needed :D

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